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  • The Medical Republic

    Bannister Law is demanding a refund for consumers who bought products in the Nurofen Specific Pain Range – which cost about $16 – between 2011 and 2015. Bannister believes that consumers would not have bought the pills had they known they were no more effective than other products in “targeting” pain.

  • Nine News

    Doctor Vivienne Miller was disgusted at the marketing ploy, having encountered many patients who were popping multiple tablets for multiple ailments.

  • A Current Affair

    Angry consumers have signed up for the landmark court case against the manufacturer of Nurofen. Charles Bannister explains the plight of some of the claimants.

  • Australian Journal of Pharmacy

    The ACCC said that it had a number of key concerns, namely anti-competitive conduct which has an impact on access to health services; and sponsors making misleading health claims, including Nurofen's Specific Pain Range.

  • Ad News

    Reckitt Benckiser will continue its Nurofen specific pain range with new marketing. Interim packaging will bear the same name, but more clearly disclose to consumers that the products are equally effective for other forms of pain.

  • Federal Court Judgements

    Read the Federal Court's judgement as to the misleading nature of Nurofen's Specific Pain Range.